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Restricted to Hunters only


  • Rank 1:Enter the wolfdream. You can now hear the 'flashes' of the thoughts of wolves all over the world, and those of your two-legged wolfkin (use like chat or narrate). Wolves report weapon, location and name of anything that attacks them.
  • Rank 2:(20 qps) You can "Catch the scent of shadowspawn nearby" on where: whether any fades, Trollocs or Dreadlords are in your zone.
  • Rank 3:(50 qps) Armor penalty. Severe penalty to move and health regeneration if wearing more than 70% absorption.
  • Rank 4:(75 qps) Scan outdoors. You can scan adjacent rooms in all rooms instead of just indoors rooms. Rogues get autoscan outdoors.
  • Rank 5:(150 qps) Night vision. "Glowing yellow eyes" in character description when looked at.
  • Rank 6:(400 qps) Runner.
  • Rank 7:(1000 qps) Pack leader.
  • Rank 8:
  • Rank 9:

Clan GearEdit

Equipment RetoolsEdit

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head>
    • <worn on body>
    • <worn on arms>
    • <worn on hands>
    • <worn on legs>
    • <worn on feet>
Human General
PRC Charging Boars

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