WoTMUD, the Wheel of Time MUD, is a classic-style Multi User Dungeon (MUD) based on the Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan. It has been online since 1993 and has evolved and grown enormously since its initial inception. It is the only Wheel of Time-themed MUD which was approved by Robert Jordan himself before he died and contains such an enormous array of detailed zones that many players whose introduction to the Wheel of Time series is through the game are already quite intimate with many details of the story before reading the books. Originally derived from the CircleMUD branch of the renowned DikuMud codebase, it has evolved so far at this point that it is no longer considered a true Diku/Circle code base but rather a branch derivative of its own.

WoTMUD's functional premise of play revolves around a race war among humans, trollocs and Seanchan. Additional intra-factional rifts emerge and evolve but are most distinct on the "light side" where humans live. As sides are clearly defined and segregated by the game logic to force hostility between factions this MUD is considered a hardcore player-killing (PK) MUD, as distinct from MUSHs and MOOs, though in-depth roleplay is encouraged and prevalent and the social aspects of the community are generally cited as the most important factor in a player's decision to frequent the MUD for years.

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