Weapons Guild (Superior Spear)
Release date Unknown edit
Required Item 1 75 gold crowns
Required Item 2 a hooked spear
Required Item 3 a light metal javelin
Required Item 4 a dull-gleaming hunk of rock
Required Item 5 a gold-chased goblet
City Katar
Guild Room n/a
Crafting Room The Pick 'n' Axe

The Weapons Guild (Superior Spear) is a weaponsmithing guild used to craft a gold-chased war spear.


Membership is not required.


  • give 75 crowns weaponsmith
  • give hooked weaponsmith
  • give javelin weaponsmith
  • give goblet weaponsmith
  • give rock weaponsmith
  • say please craft me a superior spear


Items CraftedEdit

Item Rarity
a gold-chased war spear 100%


  • Can only craft one superior weapon per mud reboot.

An expert weaponsmith drops a wealth of gold crowns.
An expert weaponsmith drops a gold-chased goblet.
An expert weaponsmith drops a dull-gleaming hunk of rock.
An expert weaponsmith drops a light metal javelin.
An expert weaponsmith drops a hooked spear.
An expert weaponsmith says 'Sorry I am busy today, come back another time.'

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