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This update was added on March 14 2017 by Voices of the Wheel.


In an effort to incorporate player feedback, we're trying something different. In two places, there will be moboled rooms that will essentially work like a sci-fi airlock: the door behind you has to close before the door before you opens. More importantly, these will not open if you have no-quit, which essentially blocks off a potentially escape route from pk. However, if you're just happily travelling without a care in the world, you can pass these with just a small delay.

The first of these is south of Far Madding, at the old Far Madding countryside - Plains of Maredo connection. There has been a small additional room connection change to facilitate the checkpoint there, however, the connection is essentially restored as it was but with a checkpoint in place. There is a Far Madding officer on both sides of the checkpoint, which also aims to be minor mob support. The checkpoint will work for all races, provided they do not have noquit, which obviously may be a bit more challenging for crossrace characters.

The second of these has been placed south of Tar Valon. After all, there is a river surrounding Tar Valon island which flows south. In our game, that river had essentially been paved over. Right now, a ferry connection has been placed there, operating through the same principle. There is a ferry captain on both sides which will also assist against DS, however all races can use the ferry provided they do not have no-quit.

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