Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Key
Slot Unknown edit
Uses Unknown edit
Weight Unknown edit
Rent No-rent
Value Unknown edit
Special Nothing


The key to Maradon is a no-rent key used to lock/unlock the gates of Maradon.


-Needs long description-

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No zones are known to currently load this item.


No shops are known to currently load this item.


No mobs are known to currently load this item.


a Cairhien gatekey • a black and gold key • a black iron key • a black key engraved with a whip • a bloodstained key • a copper key • a delicate key of oak • a delicately carved ivory key • a dull black key • a golden key • a great key inlaid with gold • a grimy key • a heavy iron key • a hooked claw • a jail key • a key carved with a grinning fox • a key of Thakan'dar steel • a key of black obsidian • a key of clear crystal • a key of intricate design • a key to the Ruined Keep • a key whittled from oak • a key with gold inlay • a large key • a massive iron key • a mosaic key • a pewter key • a plain black key • a plain old key • a rusted key • a rusted key carved with a crane in flight • a rusty key • a rusty metal key • a shining golden key • a simple key • a skull-shaped key of rusted iron • a skull key • a slimy green key • a small key decorated in jewels • a small metal key • a stone key etched with runes • a strange white key • a sturdy black key • a tarnished copper key • a tarnished red metal key • a tarnished silver key • a tiny silver key • a vine carved wooden key • a well-worn ornate key • a wooden key with bronze inlay • an elaborate key worked in vivid colors • an elegantly carved key • an ethereal key • an iron key • an old metal key • Meneril's key • the Falme gatekey • the Illian gate key • the gatekey to Fal Dara • the key to Caemlyn's gates • the key to Maradon • the key to the gates of Tar Valon

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