Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Food
Location Caemlyn
Proprietor Unknown edit
Hours 12 am - 3 am, 2 pm - 11 pm
Sell Rate 1.2x
Buy Rate Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

The Drowning Wench Tavern is a Food shop located in Caemlyn.

Inventory on BootEdit

Item Cost
a choice steak 19 coppers
a chunk of cheese 2 coppers
a cinnamon honeycake 3 coppers
a cup of hot, bitter tea 2 coppers
a dented tankard of dark beer 4 coppers
a mug of ale of stout ale 6 coppers
a mutton shank 13 coppers
a small keg of dark beer 10 coppers
a wooden goblet of mulled wine 6 coppers
an apple 3 coppers

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