Zone Statistics
Zone 094 - Tear Road
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Tear
Number 094
Grid (6,-8)
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Mogrash

Tear Road is a zone located north of the city of Tear.

Zone ConnectionsEdit


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room
barreddoor 0% yes no a pewter key Beneath a Hill



Item Room Qty. Notes
a small canoe At the Shore of the Erinin
Through the Forest
a pair of shears A Small Farm 1 a pair of shears
a rusted woodcutter's axe, crusted with old blood Zakin's Glade 1 type keyword "axe" in room


Item Room Qty. Notes
a hanging lantern Outside a Palisade Gate 1
a muddy pond Before a Pool of Water 1 2s of zone boundary with Far Madding - Tear Road
a small, solidly-built safe Bandits Hideout 1 drop spade to reveal safe
a torchholder Bandits Hideout 1 pull to unlock and open "barreddoor"
a well A Crude Stone Well 1
an old bell A Wisdom's House 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes
the brigand leader Bandits Hideout 1


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black stallion The Eastern Foot of the Erinin Bridge
The Western Foot of the Erinin Bridge
Ridden by arrogant bridgeguards
Ridden by arrogant bridgeguards
a cow A Crude Stone Well 1
a dun mare Wanders 1 Ridden by a well-traveled merchant
a gray palfrey Wanders 4 Ridden by a scarred mercenary
a playful colt A Crude Stone Well 1
a shaggy brown mare A Small Farm 2? wanders
a wild stallion The Tear Road 2


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a bandit Beneath a Hill 4 Under hill, 1s of the brigand leader
a brown deer Various
a busy bee Various
a frightened young thief Various
a handsome stag Various
a hen
a raccoon Various
a scarred mercenary Wanders 4 With a well-traveled merchant
Mounted on gray palfreys
a small bloodsucking insect Various
a small squirrel Various
a stout young sapling Various
a well-traveled merchant Wanders 1 With 4x scarred mercenaries
Mounted on a dun mare
a young calf
an antelope Various
an arrogant bridgeguard The Eastern Foot of the Erinin Bridge
The Western Foot of the Erinin Bridge
Mounted on black stallions
the Coachman 1
the grasshopper Various
the young buck Various
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