Spell points is the collective term sometimes used to encapsulate both Saidar Points and Saidin Points, the points used by female and male channelers to fuel their weaves respectively. Spell points are abbreviated as SPs. Unlike Hit points (HPs), SPs regenerate only on each full tic. Holding/seizing the source over the course of a tic will result in failure to regenerate SPs and the loss of 1 SPs.

Total Spell pointsEdit

SPs are derived from a character's Wil stat, and the maximum amount of SPs a character will receive by level 30 is directly dependent on this stat. Levels above and beyond 30 do not increase a channeler's pool of SPs.

The maximum any channeler can have is 163 (with 19 Wil), and every point of Wil below 19 will reduce this total by 7 points.

This can be expressed as:

Max SPs  = (7\times Wil)+Level
where Wil = the Willpower of the channeler
and Level = the channeler's Experience level

where Level is a maximum of 30.

Using Spell pointsEdit

SPs are used up whenever a channeler successfully completes the timer of a weave. If they get interrupted during the process of weaving (such as by getting hit), or they cancel the weave before it is completed, they are not deducted SPs. If they fail the weave, they are still deducted SPs, and they are also deducted SPs if they fail to afflict a target with a status weave.

Different weaves use different amounts of SPs. However, to be able to use a weave, a channeler must have double the amount of SPs the weave requires. For example, the Travel weave costs 25 SPs, so the channeler must have at least 50 SPs in reserve, otherwise they will get a message saying they are unable to complete the weave.

Angreal can be used to reduce the cost of weaves, effectively increasing a channeler's SP pool. Holding a weave will reduce SPs by 11 each tic. If a channeler runs out of SPs in this way, they may still themselves. You must release to regenerate and not have status of hungry and/or thirsty. If you are embraced or seized you will loose 1 SPs per tick. Unlike HPs, SPs are class specific eg female or male channelers. Hunters or warriors don't get it. SPs can be used over and over granted you have regeneration. In essence it refills if managed correctly.

SPs RegenerationEdit

Spell point regeneration can be expressed as:

SP per Tic  = \left \lfloor \frac{Int + Wil}{2} \right \rfloor
Note that \lfloor x\rfloor means the greatest integer less than or equal to x.
where Int = the Intelligence of the channeler
where Wil = the Willpower of the channeler

Status MessagesEdit

Status Spell Point % 19 WIL 18 WIL
Bursting 100% 163 156
Full 90% to <100% 147 - 162 141 - 155
Strong 50% to <90% 82 - 146 78 - 140
Good 30% to <50% 49 - 81 47 - 77
Fading 15% to <30% 25 - 48 24 - 46
Trickling 1% to <15% 2 - 24 2 - 23
None 0% 0 - 1 0 - 1

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