Search is a Hunter skill used to find hidden items or doors.

Search ItemEdit

When paired with an item name, search can be used to find hidden items in a room, which can be seen with Notice turned on. Any amount of Search (including 0%) can find hidden items, though lower search will take longer.

Syntax: search <item>

Search DirectionEdit

When paired with a direction (N S E W U D), search is used to find hidden doors. Many doors have a minimum search percentage required to find them, including a few that require a full 99% to find.

Syntax: search <direction>

Search TimersEdit

Search Item Search Direction
Prac% Pulses Prac% Pulses
0 25 0 100
01-10 22? 01-10 90?
11-20 20 11-20 80
21-30 17 21-30 70
31-40 15 31-40 60
41-50 12 41-50 50
51-60 10 51-60 40
61-70 7 61-70 30
71-80 5 71-80 20
81-90 2 81-90 10
91-99 1 91-99 5
Pulses (Item) = \begin{cases}
  \left \lfloor \frac{5\times \left \lfloor \frac{100-Prac%}{10} \right \rfloor}{2} \right \rfloor, & \mbox{if } Prac% < 91 \\
  1, & \mbox{if } prac% \ge 91 

Pulses (Direction) = \begin{cases}
  10\times \left \lfloor \frac{100-Prac%}{10} \right \rfloor, & \mbox{if } Prac% < 91 \\
  5, & \mbox{if } prac% \ge 91 
Note that \lfloor x\rfloor means the greatest integer less than or equal to x.

In Game DescriptionEdit

Syntax:  Search   Search <direction>

Ranger skill:
As its name implies, the search skill allows one to attempt to locate things
which are hidden from view in one way or another by mundane means. By far,
the most common usage of the skill is to search for hidden doors in a room,
done by searching in a direction. To a lesser degree, though also of
importance, is the ability to locate hidden items, done by simply searching
the room.

> search north
> search

Hunter skills

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