Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Animal
Gender Neuter
Level 5
Hit points Unknown edit
Height <64 in
Weight 20.0 lbs
Aggro No
Track No
Special Pet

Rufferto, faithful dog of the sage is an animal-type mob found in the southern part of the Haddon Mirk, to the north of Tear. Rufferto is involved in a quest involving the sage, who is found in Tear.


Rufferto yaps happily nearby.

This dog is covered by a functional, rough and wiry coat that protects it
from the cold and elements in winter as well as thorns or other harsh
foliage. Two bright brown eyes peek out from underneath heavy eyebrows. The
dog's sizeable beard seem to be soaked with water.

Keywords: dog, rufferto


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Haddon Mirk Various 1 On path N. of Tear


Input Response
You say 'rufferto' Rufferto, faithful dog of the sage barks happily.
You say 'rufferto' Rufferto, faithful dog of the sage licks you.
Rufferto, faithful dog of the sage starts following you.


  • Rufferto and the sage are both based on characters of the same names in the Groo the Wanderer comic book series.

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