A variety of Quests exist in WoTMUD, ranging from race-wide tasks which reward the player with items or money, to Clan-specific tasks which reward the player with Quest points with which to increase their Rank within the clan.

Crier QuestsEdit

Main article: Crier Quests

Most cities, larger towns, and even some villages have a town crier mob in a central square or other location which, in addition to offering helpful hints to new players, also offer a number of minor quests which grant a cash reward upon completion.

Adventurer QuestsEdit

Main article: Adventurer Quests

A few locations have a grizzled adventurer mob which offers tasks for players of Level 20 and lower, the rewards taking a variety of forms, including weapons, armor, trinkets, and money.

Ogier Stonemason QuestsEdit

Main article: Ogier Stonemason Quests

With the ongoing changes to the Forresters, the former woodsmen mobs have been replaced with Ogier Stonemasons which offer various tasks, often involving the dispatch of a hostile mob or retrieval of an item.

Dynamic EventsEdit

Main article: Dynamic Events

Three locations in the world offer Dynamic Events, a series of randomized mini-adventures tailored to the themes of the areas in which they are located. Once triggered, an alert message will provide a clue as to where to begin. Varying degrees of treasure are available depending on difficulty level as well as number of characters present.

Clan QuestsEdit

Main article: Clan

In addition to race-wide quests, individual clans have various systems of quests involved in their ranking procedures. In these cases, the rewards are Quest points, rather than items or money.

The acquisition of quest points, whether from clan quests or PK, is the means by which clanned characters advance in Rank within their clans.

Gambler QuestsEdit

Main article: Gambler Quests

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Broker QuestsEdit

Main article: Broker Quests

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Smob ChainsEdit

Main article: Smob chain

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