Potions are consumable items which can be used to generate certain effects. While most potions can be quaffed by a player to generate some status effect (or negate others), the poison and forkroot vials are instead used to contaminate water sources.

Many potions can be created from appropriate ingredients. Using the Wisdom Lore skill, players can mix items in a container, with the chance of success depending on the degree to which the skill is practiced.

List of PotionsEdit

Item Weight Rent Value Ingredients Effect Notes
a bubbling draught 0.1 lbs 20 300 Cures Blindness Protects against blindness for 3 tics
a cup of thick syrup 0.1 lbs 6 300 (2) goatflower, (2) gheandin blossom, (1) kaf, (1) honey Cures Poison Protects against poison for 3 tics
a cup of thready brown tea 0.6 lbs 20 400 (3) goatflower, (1) willow bark, (1) nightsbane, (1) fennel Boosts Strength
a glass of apple cider 0.1 lbs 10 250 Restores MVs
a green vial 2.0 lbs 25 Restores HPs Effect seems to mirror the Cure Serious Wounds weave. More data needed to confirm.
a poison vial 22.1 lbs 0 250 Poison
a thin vial of yellow fluid 0.1 lbs 10 600 (3) flatwort, (2) kaf, (1) ivy Increases MVs Regen
a tinful of a black, foul liquid 0.6 lbs 15 400
a vial filled with a dark red liquid 0.1 lbs 10 200 (2) belladonna, (1) dogwort, (1) juniper, (1) sunburst Cures Fear Protects against fear for 3 tics
a vial filled with a vivid blue liquid 0.1 lbs 10 200 (3) forkroot, (1) belladonna, (1) sheepstongue, (1) sleepwell Forkroot

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