Potential applicants are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

1. A freeman of Seanchan birth.

2. Sufficient combat skill demonstrated. (level 30+)

3. Familiarity with the woodlands of the Seanchan continent.

4. Familiarity with Oathbreaker territory, spanning from the Aryth Ocean to Andor.

As scouts, the Morat'torm are expected to be well capable of acting alone, deep behind enemy lines.

As leaders, the Morat'torm are expected to be capable of leading competently groups of Imperial soldiers into combat.

Applicants must be able and willing to fight; but desire and willingness to learn and fight is far more important to the Morat'torm than innate ability.

The Morat'torm will be accepting 5-10 applicants. Each applicant will be assigned to an experienced Morat'torm (Rank 5+) as an apprentice.

Application Procedure:

1. Submission of application letter (

2. Notification of submission through mail to Der'morat'torm Shinji Morlen.

3. If successful selection, the applicant will be assigned to a senior Morat'torm.

Apprenticeship does not imply guaranteed selection as a Morat'torm. Likewise, applicants not selected will be evaluated over time and may be apprenticed as he or she grows.

Glory to the Empress, may she live forever!

Signed: Der'morat'torm Shinji Morlen Der'morat'torm Faul Der'morat'torm Zain Der'morat'torm Dur Honored Soldier Nikolai

~Submitted by Zain


  • Rank 1: Recruit
  • Rank 2: Apprentice
  • Rank 3: Handler
  • Rank 4: Rider
  • Rank 5: Morat'torm
  • Rank 6: Honored Soldier
  • Rank 7: Der'morat'torm
  • Rank 8: Captain of the Blood
  • Rank 9: High Lord

Clan GearEdit

Equipment RetoolsEdit

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head>
    • <worn on body>
    • <worn on arms>
    • <worn on hands>
    • <worn on legs>
    • <worn on feet>
Human General
PRC Charging Boars

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