Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Unknown edit
Gender Male
Level 45
Hit points Unknown edit
Height >63 in
Weight >125 lbs
Aggro Unknown edit
Track Yes
Special Smob

Lord Jaufre is a humanoid? smob loading in Tarendrelle Village, in Andor. He and five guards keep watch from a tower on the east side of the village.


Lord Jaufre, Knight Protector of Tarendrelle, stands here.

Tall and well-muscled, the Knight Protector has coal-black hair graying at
his temples. Ice-clear eyes of azure blue weigh and measure all who come
before him, seeming to strip away all pretensions to lay bare what he
wishes to know. A long scar runs from his hairline to his jaw, a testament
to some long-ago battle for Queen and Country.

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Tarendrelle at the Eldar Various in his tower 1 With 5x guards


Jaufre is not aggressive to humans, and killing him may be considered murdering an innocent, or even an act of aggression against Andor by some clans.

If attacked, he will chase throughout his tower, but not past "Small Tower Entrance".

The entire tower is nohide, but he may be channeled against freely.


Item Slot Rarity
a chain coif Head 1/1
a chainmail tunic Chest 1/1
a backpack Back 1/1
a set of chainmail sleeves Arms 1/1
a pair of leather half-gauntlets Hands 1/1
an amber hilted iron sword Wielded 1/1
a plain weapons belt Waist 1/1
a soft leather pouch Belt 1/1
a pair of chainmail leggings Legs 1/1
a pair of thin metal boots Feet 1/1
a studded leather jerkin Inventory 1/1
a well-worn ornate key Inventory 1/1

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