Keys are items used to lock and unlock certain doors, as well as some stationary containers. Keys generally have a small, set number of uses, after which they disintegrate.

List of KeysEdit

There are many more keys. Please add to this list.

Key Opens (Zone - Door/Container) Loads (Zone - Mob/Container)
a black and gold key Fal Dara - Lord Agelmar
a black iron key
a black key engraved with a whip Master Torturer Zone - Master Torturer Table the giant transparent spider Zone (spine) - ??
a bloodstained key
a Cairhien gatekey Cairhien (zone) - Cairhien gates Cairhien (zone) - ??
a copper key Bandit Warlord Zone - oakdoor (a bandit warlord) Lugard Road Through Murandy - Mistress Paishain de'Lematch
a delicate key of oak The Sea of Storms - whitedoor (Magita the Mercenary Queen) The Sea of Storms - a mercenary bandit
a delicately carved ivory key White Tower (zone) - Cadsuane Melaidhrin
White Tower (zone) - Lelaine Akashi
a dull black key Treacherous Mountains Within the Spine - a compact chest
East Tremalking - celldoor
The Sea of Storms - a compact chest
Deven Ride - a compact chest
Treacherous Mountains Within the Spine - the giant queen ant
East Tremalking - a determined guard
The Sea of Storms - an oilskin bag
Deven Ride - a corpse
a dull rusted key ???? Tanchico Road Spiders
a golden key Moridin
a great key inlaid with gold greatdoor Gareth Bryne, Gawyn Trakand
a grimy key Lizard King Thronedoor Lizard King
a heavy iron key irondoor (Magita) a mercenary bandit (Magita Coastal Fortress)
a hooked claw grate (1d from Deformed Lopar) Deformed Lopar on Jafar
a jail key
a key carved with a grinning fox Jaufre's cellar Tear Dwellers Leader
a key of black obsidian Huge Scorpion chest Huge Scorpion
a key of clear crystal cuendillargate (Aylia) hand-covered tentacle (Aylia)
a key of intricate design Manor W of TV (near Shadow Knight) chief alls alle n alle s e d 2w d of caralain ent
a key of Thakan'dar steel Thakan'dar gates the Sentinel
a key to the Ruined Keep Ruined Keep gates the burly trolloc
a key whittled from oak Aringill Coalshed Aringill guardsman
a key with gold inlay Clear Spiders chest Clear Spiders
a large key Jerad Seratovni, master trader sleek wolfhounds (northern chain)
a massive iron key
a mosaic key TMC TMC (mass)
a pewter key barreddoor (Tear Brigand) Bandits (outside the door)
a plain black key Rockyslab (Granlin Bandits) Smuggler Guards, Dog Zone
a rusted key slatedoor (Belroi) outlaw under Meneril's manor
a rusted key carved with a crane in flight Door inside Kural Aylia
a rusty key Passgate, Concave (MG) Lizard King, worm burrow
a rusty metal key
a shining golden key the vault within the "tapestry" west of Murgoz the sarcophagus in the "cranedoor" east of Kural
a simple key "woodendoor" at Murgoz First Smuggler Chief patrol at Murgoz
a skull key Patros Bandits Tear-Illian Road
a skull-shaped key of rusted iron
a slimy green key the "attic" at Paishain Woads
a small key decorated in jewels Roland Smuggler Chief in Northern Part of Roland's Compound
a small metal key
a stone key etched with runes an ogier darkfriend
a strange white key Bleacheddoor Concave (RC)

a sturdy black key

a small black safe at (1) Jerad Seratovni (2) Mistress Paishain (3) the Tear Brigand Leader (1) Mahiro Kajima (2) a vengeful widower (3) Plains Mistress
a tarnished copper key Altaran Countryside - ceilingtrap Altaran Countryside - a vengeful widower
a tarnished red metal key Lavaflow (Zomara Khel Tremalking) determined guard at Zomara Khel
a tarnished silver key Hiddenfloor Captain Layten D'hael
a tiny silver key a huge steel safe behind the "bookshelf" in the bandit lair a bandit warlord
a vine carved wooden key
a well-worn ornate key Tarendrelle Spiders Ragnor
a wooden key with bronze inlay Najdeer (rustydoor) shallowgrave chest
an elaborate key worked in vivid colors
an ethereal key DSL chest DSL
an iron key north irondoor (WB Fade) Ghar'ghael mobs
an old metal key Chest (MG) Mother Grolm
Meneril's key glassdoor (at Meneril's) the Lord Meneril
the Falme gatekey Falme gate High Lady Suroth
the gatekey to Fal Dara Fal Dara gates Gatekeepers
the Illian gate key Illian gates the gatekeeper for Illian
the key to Caemlyn's gates Caemlyn gates Fanico
the key to Maradon Maradon gates
the key to the gates of Tar Valon Tar Valon gates