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Joncask Niedal is a humanoid? quest mob that loads at one of a number of preset locations chosen randomly at boot throughout the game.

Description Edit

Joncask Niedal moves with the grace of a cat.

A tall, wiry man of middling age has the light of curiosity and enthusiasm
in his dark eyes. He is dressed in sturdy, practical clothing, sleeves
rolled up and ready to work. He has a refined air about him, yet his hands
are chapped and calloused. Though not physically imposing, the way he
balances his weight, and his vigilant expression make him seem like someone
not to dismiss out of hand.

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Locations Edit

No zones are known to currently load this mob.

Joncask loads randomly at numerous different locations throughout the map.

Top Cut / Malfeasor Zone - The Massive Wagon

Plains of Maredo, east - An Abandoned Outpost

Kandori Stockade - A Peaceful Campsite

Strategies Edit

Joncask protects himself with "Wizkill".

Loads Edit

Item Slot Rarity

He wields "an obsidian bladed scalpel".

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