Encumbrance is a term used to describe the various effects of worn and carried weight on a player character or mob.

Weight LimitsEdit

Carried Weight LimitEdit

Both player characters and mobs have a limit on the total weight of items in their inventory.

Player Characters:

Weight Limit (lbs) = (3.5\times Str) + Con


 Weight Limit (lbs)= 74.0

Worn Weight LimitEdit

Both player characters and mobs have a limit on the total weight of items that can be equipped or worn.

Player Characters:

Weight Limit (lbs) = (5\times Str) + (2.5\times Con)


Weight Limit (lbs) = 117.5

Total Weight LimitEdit

Total Weight Limit (lbs) = Max Weight Carried + Max Weight Worn


Total Weight Limit (lbs) = (8.5\times Str) + (3.5\times Con)

Weight Messages TableEdit

You are carrying 0.0 lbs and wearing 0.0 lbs, peanuts.

The following messages are based on fractions of the Total Weight Limit defined above:

Percent Message
0 to <20% peanuts
20% to <30% very light
30% to <40% light
40% to <50% fairly light
50% to <60% somewhat heavy
60% to <70% heavy
70% to <80% moderately heavy
80% to <90% really heavy
90% to <100% incredibly heavy
100% maxed out


OB, DB, and PB are all reduced by added weight, being multiplied by an encumbrance factor, before rounding, given as follows.

Offensive bonusEdit

OB Mult = 1 - \frac{(5\times Weight)}{(25\times MaxWeight)}

Dodge bonusEdit

DB Mult = 1 - \frac{(5\times Weight)}{(8\times MaxWeight)}

Parry bonusEdit

PB Mult = 1 - \frac{(5\times Weight)}{(16\times MaxWeight)}

Movement pointsEdit


Regen rates for Movement points are also reduced by the effects of encumbrance, as a function of the Total Weight Allowance mentioned above.

Regen Rate (MVs) = Base Regen - \left \lfloor \frac{10\times Weight}{(8.5\times Str) + (3.5\times Con)} \right \rfloor
Note that \lfloor x\rfloor means the greatest integer less than or equal to x.

Where BaseRegen denotes the MVs regen rate for a given position when wearing and carrying no weight.

Room MVs CostEdit

In a similar manner, when worn/carried weight equals or exceeds 80% of the Total Weight Allowance, a 1-MVs penalty is added to the MVs cost to enter any room. So, from 80% to <90%, a 2-MVs room will instead cost 3 MVs to enter. For each additional 10% weight increase, an additional 1-MV penalty is incurred.

See alsoEdit


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