• Abs - abbreviation for Absorption; a fighting style that centers on the use of heavy armor and high-damage and/or heavy weapons.
  • AFK - "Away from Keyboard"
  • Blick - the act of landing a stab on a healthy individual and killing them.
  • BMI - Body Mass Index, a measurement of an individual's body shape which is suspected of playing some role in Bash mechanics.
  • Brick - the act of successfully getting a stab roll off, but not landing the stab.
  • Charge - a skill that uses a spear or lance to deal a large amount of damage to an opponent. Requires level 3 ride and the charger must be mounted. 
  • Click - the act of landing a charge on a healthy individual and killing them.
  • Combo - a fighting style that combines elements of Abs and Dodge to create a character that can avoid some attacks and absorb some of the damage from attacks that are not avoided.
  • Constitution (Con) - a stat that is a measure of a character's health and stamina. Determines hitpoint rolls and regen rate.
  • Damage - the result of a successful attack or other effect, measured in Hit points.
  • Dark points - a myrddraal's version of spell points, used for various Myrddraal skills.
  • DB - an abbreviation for Dodge bonus.
  • Defense - a term used to describe the sum of a character's Dodge bonus (DB) and Parry bonus (PB).
  • Dexterity (Dex) - a stat that is a measure of a character's coordination, agility, reflexes, and balance. Affects DB.
  • Dodge - a fighting style that centers on the use of lightweight equipment to help avoid attacks.
  • Dodge bonus (DB) - a rating of the ability of a character to dodge attacks.
  • DPs - an abbreviation for Dark points.
  • Experience (Exp/XP) - points which measure progress towards higher Levels. Experience is earned solely through combat, whether against mobs or other player characters.
  • Group - two or more players or NPCs can be grouped together. Mechanics such as faceoff and experience gained are affected by grouping.
  • Hit points (HPs) - the measure of a mob or player character's health.
  • Intelligence (Int) - a stat that is a measure of a character's memory, reasoning ability, etc. Intelligence largely affects how much % a character can get when practicing. Important for channelers.
  • Linkdead
  • Mob - also known as a mobile, a mob is computer controlled non-player character.
  • Movement points (MVs) - the measure of your character's movement ability.
  • Offensive bonus (OB) - a rating of the ability of a character to land attacks.
  • Parry bonus (PB) - a rating of the ability of a character to parry or deflect attacks.
  • PK - Player-killing, a term used in place of PvP, Player vs Player.
  • PRC - Player run Clan
  • Smob - a supermob, generally a mob with very high hitpoints. Is often grouped with many smaller mobs and requires groups of players or tactics to kill.
  • Spell points (SPs) - a measure of a channeler's current ability to cast spells.
  • SPRC - Sanctioned Player Run Clan
  • Strength (Str) - a stat that measures the physical power of a character. Damage and defense are examples of mechanics affected by strength.
  • Willpower (Wil) - a stat that measures a character's ability to control situations. Spell points, fleelag and landing rates of status weaves are examples of mechanics affected by willpower.
  • Zone - an area within the game. Zones have their own separate weather and wherelist.

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