Crier Quests are relatively simple tasks offered by town criers based in a number of cities. Completion involves finding various items to turn in.

Each town crier mob offers four quests, each of which can be completed five times. A monetary reward is offered, starting with 5 crowns for the first completion and reducing down to 1 crown for each successive item turned in for each quest.


Location Items Location Items
Alindaer hoe, piglet corpse, pheasant corpse, mushroom Glancor blue sash, honey, carrot bucket
Amador wasp scalp, gold nugget, fly scalp, red rose Illian shovel, turtle scalp, muffin, walking staff
Aringill carrot, rock, rope, gull scalp Lugard deer scalp, snake scalp, potato, melon
Baerlon huge drooling rat scalp, belladonna, stag scalp, pipe Maerone candle, canoe, bettle scalp, grapes
Bandar Eban healall root, ruffian scalp, sursa, rake Maradon willow bark, blackberries, horseshoes, heavy club
Caemlyn thief scalp, rat scalp, spectacles, oilstone Mayene red rose, hat, monkey scalp, biteme scalp
Cairhien ham, doll, rug, hare scalp Remen rug, ?? scalp, antelope scalp, tabac
Deven Ride spider scalp, hammer, cow scalp, blanket Tanchico plate of food, bread, mutton, wine
Emond's Field rabbit corpse, mole corpse, grapes, blanket Tar Valon Tar Valon mark, lily, egg, bucket
The Eye of the World ?? rose, egg, throwing knife, spider scalp Taren Ferry candle, beetle scalp, red shirt, chicken scalp
Fal Dara apple, mushroom, dried fruit, ruined meat Tear book, antelope scalp, nightsbane, elk cow scalp
Falme sorfa leaves, blackberries, canoes, peppered beef Watch Hill blue rose, squirrel scalp, towel, fish
Far Madding driftwood, shovel, grapes, goose scalp Whitebridge potato, willow bark, bloodstained papers, large black rat scalp
Four Kings dirt hides, hunter's horn, cast iron pot, apple

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