Combo refers to an equipment setup that combines some portion of the high Absorption found in an Abs setup along with the high Defense found in a Dodge (or more rarely Parry) setup.

Combo tries to strike a balance between a high overall defensive rating and a high armor absorption percentage. Generally regarded as the most powerful equipment choice in the game, a combo setup is often able to trade a small reduction in absorption compared to a pure Abs setup in exchange for a substantial increase in defensive bonuses.

Equipment in order of preferenceEdit

  • Arms:
    • a pair of polished, gold-plated vambraces (light abs)
    • a pair of riveted chainmail sleeves
    • dyed leather sleeves / tooled sleeves (light combo)
    • a pair of oiled chainmail sleeves
  • Belt:
    • a belt with a buckle of cuendillar
    • a brightly-colored sash
    • a bronze belt of odd design
  • Cloak:
    • an earthen brown mantle (+parry) or a bright red robe (+dodge)
    • a gray suede cloak
    • a black, silver-embroidered cape
    • a dark, hooded cloak
  • Chest:
    • a tunic of finely-crafted chain (heavy combo)
    • a studded leather jerkin (light combo)
    • a tunic of green scales
  • Feet:
    • a pair of lissome leather boots with metal capped toes
    • a pair of animal-fur boots
    • a laced pair of brown boots
  • Hands:
    • a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets
    • a pair of leather half-gauntlets
    • a thick pair of leather work gloves
  • Head:
    • a rimmed round helmet
    • a thick helmet of supple leather
    • a reinforced boarskin helmet
  • Legs:
    • a pair of thick, gold-plated greaves (light abs)
    • a set of riveted chainmail leggings
    • a pair of dyed leather leggings / tooled leggings (light combo)
    • a set of oiled chainmail leggings
  • Neck:
    • a shimmering chain of gold
    • a kandori snowflake necklace
    • a necklace of ivy
    • an ivory necklace
    • an opal choker of fiery blue and pink beauty
    • a thin, black chain
  • Rings:
    • a gold ring delicately carved with ivy
    • a jade signet ring
    • a garnet adorned ring (+parry) or an emerald ring (+dodge)
  • Wrist:
    • a jeweled wristcuff
    • a ridged steel bracer (+parry) or a kandori wristcuff (+dodge)
    • an ivy bracelet
    • a scrimshaw bracelet of delicate beauty
    • a wide leather wristband

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