Coaches can be taken as a faster way to move from one city to another. The downside is that you have to leave your horse behind. In order to ride a coach you can either buy a coach ticket or pay 5 crowns. Simply 'give ticket coachman', 'give coach coachman', or 'give 5 crowns coachman' to ride.

The coach system is open only to Human players, and cannot be entered if the player has No-quit or has a Thiefbane warrant.

List of RoutesEdit

Start Destination Notes
Amador (east) Illian (northwest)
Amador (north) Emond's Field (southwest)
Amador (south) Tanchico (east)
Baerlon (east) Bandar Eban (east)
Bandar Eban (east) Baerlon (east)
Caemlyn (south) Tear (northwest)
Caemlyn (east) Cairhien (south)
Caemlyn (north) Tar Valon (?) special?
Cairhien (south) Caemlyn (east)
Emond's Field (southwest) Amador (north)
Fal Dara (west) Maradon (east)
Illian (north) Whitebridge (west)
Illian (northwest) Amador (east)
Maradon (east) Fal Dara (west)
Tanchico (east) Amador (south)
Tar Valon (?) Caemlyn (north) special?
Tear (northwest) Caemlyn (south)
Whitebridge (west) Illian (north)
Fal Dara (west) Watch Hill (?) 10 crowns cost, no coach tickets
Watch Hill (?) Fal Dara (west) 10 crowns cost, no coach tickets
EotW (inside) Caemlyn (?) one-way, no cost

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