Clearing Trees
Vital statistics
Start The North Gate of Whitebridge
End The North Gate of Whitebridge
Prerequisites -None-
Level 10-30 verify?
Location Whitebridge
Rewards Choice of Weapon
Previous Next
-None- Fearing the Worst

Clearing Trees is the first in a series of quests issued by Miloh, a quest giver in the city of Whitebridge.

Quest SummaryEdit

Miloh explains that ancient trees are a good source of experience and tasks the player to go into the forest north of Whitebridge and bring back proof of killing one.

After bringing back a scalp, Miloh will reward the player with a weapon set of their choice.

Starting the QuestEdit

Miloh will greet a player when they enter the room, assuming they are of a level eligible for the quest (< 30 verify?). Miloh will greet players under level 10, but will tell them that they are too inexperienced for his tasks.

Saying 'quest' will result in Miloh giving an explanation of your current task.

Quest Guide Edit

<coming soon>


Once you have the required scalp simply return to Miloh and turn it in to him.

On quest completion, Miloh will give some general advice on where to find more trees for experience, then he offers to upgrade your weapon and asks you what type of fighter you are. Depending on your response you will get one of three possible quest rewards, each of which suits a different kind of playstyle.

Response Reward
hulking brute a great claymore
one-handed defensive fighter a razored falcata
a dull black shield
two-handed defensive fighter a bladed feather staff

Trivia Edit

As long as this quest is completed prior to attaining level 30 the reward can still be claimed by using the appropriate response even after the character is no longer eligible for other quests from Miloh. This may be a bug due to how the mobol for receiving the reward is handled.

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