Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 1W
Sps 10 SPs
Pulses 5
Duration 6 Tics
On Self? Yes
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? Yes

Chill is potent status weave which channelers can use to attack the combat efficiency of their opponents. The spell both reduces the target's abilities, and also will result in an opponent having a decreased rate of attack (the target will randomly lose their attack in combat rounds). Chill is available for all channelers (Wilders and Clanned) and has one of the fastest cast times and the longest weave durations.

Balance / Combat Psychology Edit

Some opponents may choose to not fight anyone who uses status weaves against them. While chill produces real deficits in an opponent's combat efficiency, chill is much less debilitating than contagion which produces such potent reductions in combat efficiency that opponents may often choose to break-off and not fight channelers who target them with contagion. This can produce interesting balance or give an take deliberations during an extended PK - what sorts of attacks can one deliver to an opponent that will not result in the opponent ultimately choosing to abandon the PK entirely because concerns that the PK is "unfair" or "unbalanced".

Syntax: channel 'chill' <target>


Chill causes an all-around drop in combat effectiveness (OB, DB, PB reduced by 10%). Additionally, chilled targets will lose a percentage of their normal attack rounds during combat (at the time of this article being revised the known frequency of loss of attack rounds is not known).


  • [1] - WoTMUD Archives forum posting on OB/DB/PB testing

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