City - Cairhien

Cairhien city map

Cairhien is the capital of the nation of Cairhien. The city comprises two zones, Cairhien (zone) and The Sun Palace. The city is also home to the Clan Base of the Cairhien Rising Sun.


Entrances and ExitsEdit


A Coach route connects Cairhien to Caemlyn in Andor, and is located 1s 1e of the South Gate.


Home port of The River Sun, Cairhien is a stop on the River ship service along the River Erinin, connecting to Tar Valon, Caemlyn, and Tear.



Banking services in the Galldrian Depository are located ?


  • The Bunch of Grapes
  • The Defender of the Dragonwall
  • The Long Man


Stabling at The Cityguard Stables can be found in the northeast corner of the city, located ?

Practice MobsEdit

Master BlacksmithEdit

The Master Blacksmith of Cairhien is located ?? for players who wish to Hone and Harden their weapons.




Crier QuestsEdit

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Cairhien town crier located in ?.

Main article: Cairhien Crier Quests

Ogier Stonemason QuestsEdit

Stonemason quests may be started by speaking to an Ogier stonemason located outside the city.

Main article: Cairhien Stonemason Quests

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