Caemlyn Crier Quests can be started by talking to the Caemlyn town crier located in the city of Caemlyn in Andor.

Quest TextEdit

The Caemlyn town crier tells you 'Rats are a damm plague round the city, bring me a scalp!'
The Caemlyn town crier tells you 'I need an oilstone for the weaponsmith. Look south of the city and bring me one.'
The Caemlyn town crier tells you 'Too many thieves around. At least our forces have frightened one - bring me his scalp!'
The Caemlyn town crier tells you 'Basel, he's lost his spectacles, near those Aringill woods, apparently. Give them to me.'


The death scalp of a ratEdit

Rats can be found within the city of Caemlyn. You may notice them once every couple of squares without Notice. Since they are semi-hidden, you may not be able to attack them on every square. These rats can also be found in nearly every city.

An oilstoneEdit

An oilstone can be found south of Caemlyn, all-s 1w of the Southern Gate. Also, check in the ravine SW for frightened young thieves because sometimes they have oilstones they have scavenged.

The death scalp of a frightened young thiefEdit

You can find a frightened young thief south of Caemlyn on a dirt path. One can also be found to the west in Whitebridge, one can be found north of Caemlyn and one can be found down the road in a barn east of Caemlyn.

A pair of spectaclesEdit

The spectacles can be found in the Braem Woods 2e 1n 4e of the Eastern Gate.

Crier Quests

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