Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 1E 1F 1S
Sps 10 SPs
Pulses 10
Duration 3 tics
On Self? Yes
On Engaged? Yes
While Engaged? No

Syntax: channel 'blind' <target>

Effect and DurationEdit

Blind, if successfully weaved on the target, causes them to be unable to see. They are unable to attack their enemies, suffer severe deficits to their Offensive bonus (-50%), Dodge bonus (-20%), and Parry bonus (-50%), and are unable to see the name of the room they are in as they move around. As with all status weaves, Blind is easier to successfully weave on a target that is lower leveled and on targets with lower Wil. Blind cannot be weaved while engaged on a foe, but it can be weaved on an engaged target. It is self-castable.

Blind can also be inflicted by fireworks.

Blind can be removed by quaffing a bubbling draught, or by the Cure Blindness weave.

Blind lasts for 3 tics. The duration can be increased if the channeler holds the weave.

Blind and the Darkness status do not stack. If both are present, only the Blind status takes effect.


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