Aringill Crier Quests can be started by talking to the Aringill town crier located in the town of Aringill in Andor.

Quest TextEdit

The Aringill town crier tells you 'I need a carrot for a cake I'm making. There's a mansion to the south that may have one.'
The Aringill town crier tells you 'Some rope to tie the ships up with would be very useful! Fetch me some.'
The Aringill town crier tells you 'There's a dirty rock in the Braem Wood that's great to throw at gulls! Bring it to me.'
The Aringill town crier tells you 'Lastly - gulls. They poop EVERYWHERE!!! Get me a scalp.'


A brightly colored carrotEdit

A couple of carrots grow outside the manor to the south of Aringill. Head alls, 1w, alls, 2e.

A length of ropeEdit

You may find one on the docks of Aringill, 3n 2e 1n 1d of the town crier

A dirty rockEdit

This very specific rock can be found in the Braem Woods 1n, 1w, 2n, allw, 1n, 2w, 1n of the town crier.

The death scalp of a gullEdit

Gulls can be found all around Aringill.

Crier Quests

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