Angreal are Power-wrought artifacts from the Age of Legends which can be used by Channelers to reduce the amount of Spell points (SPs) used by Weaves.

Each angreal type has a set SPs reduction, as well as a differing number of charges. Once all charges are consumed, the angreal cannot be recharged.Verify

List of AngrealEdit

Item Sex Weight Charges SP Reduction Rent Value Notes
a carved ivory pyramid M
a disc of moonstone F 0.2 lbs 10 8 SPs % load in chest at 'the giant queen ant'
a greenish, translucent sphere F 1.0 lbs 10 10 SPs 45 load on Kerrigan
a jade carving of an old man M 0.5 lbs 50 9 SPs 25 load on Mazrim Taim,
% load in chest on Tremalking
a many-faceted stone M 4.0 lbs 142 3 SPs 40 % load in chest at 'the mother grolm'
a necklace of fire sapphire F 0.1 lbs 8 5 SPs n/a Necklace
a sculpted statuette F 1.0 lbs 20 9 SPs 30 % load in chest on Tremalking
a short, thick rod M 2.5 lbs
a small crystalline circlet F 0.2 lbs 150 3 SPs 20 Ring,
load on final smob 'serene woman' in capture-the-flag Kandori fort
a small crystalline globe M 0.5 lbs 10 10 SPs 40 % load on Imrysa Doberak
a small stone dagger M 30 5 SPs % load in chest at 'the great blight worm'
a wood carving of a bear F 3.0 lbs 6 5 SPs 3 % load in chest on Tremalking
an ivory figurine F 1.0 lbs 8 4 SPs
an orb filled with incandescent light F 0.1 lbs many massive n/a loads on Moghedien
Callandor M Unique?

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