Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 04-09-2016
Type Fencing blade
Slot Wielded
Damage Type Slash
Damage Roll 4d7
OB 89
PB 28
Hands 1.5
Weight 6.0 lbs
Rent 20 coppers
Value 1500 coppers
Special Disarm


An opal adorned steel tulwar is a 1 or 2-handed fencing blade.


A curved tulwar is lying on the ground here.

Keywords: adorned, blade, opal, steel, sword, tulwar



No zones are known to currently load this item.


No shops are known to currently load this item.


Mob Lvl Type Count Rarity
Gorthel Par'tan 54  Humanoid 1/4  25%
the underground mistress 51  Humanoid 1/16  6%


This item is not known to be craftable.


  • An update on April 6 2016 upped PB from 26 to 28.

Fencing blades
U: Unique • C: Craftable

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