Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Human
Gender Male
Level 25
Hit points Unknown edit
Height >70 in
Weight >181 lbs
Aggro Unknown edit
Track No
Special Tear

An arrogant bridgeguard is a human mob found on either side of the bridge over the Erinin river just outside the north gate of Tear.


An arrogant bridgeguard sneers haughtily at you.
An arrogant bridgeguard sneers haughtily at you, riding a black stallion.

A bridgeguard, in a polished breastplate and armor stands dutifully at his
post. Scanning the area, he prepares to leap into action at the slightest sign
of trouble.

Keywords: arrogant, bridgeguard, guard, human, male, man


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Tear Road The Eastern Foot of the Erinin Bridge
The Western Foot of the Erinin Bridge
Mounted on black stallions


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