Amador Crier Quests can be started by talking to the Amador town crier located in the city of Amador, in Amadicia.

Quest TextEdit

The Amador town crier tells you 'There's gold in them there hills! Bring me a nugget.'
The Amador town crier tells you 'It's been a terrible year for wasps. Scalp one for me, and I'll be happier.'
The Amador town crier tells you 'Not just wasps actually. Flies are irritating too, so bring me a scalp of a fly too.'
The Amador town crier tells you 'I'm in love. Please, find a red rose for me.'



a gold nuggetEdit

  •  ??

the death scalp of a giant waspEdit

  • Giant wasps can be found in the area southeast of Amador. There are several aggro mobs in this area, too however (tarantulas, angry trees, bears)

the death scalp of an irritating fly or a delicate, pastel butterflyEdit

  • delicate, pastel butterflies can be found in Amador. They move about though.

A long-stemmed crimson roseEdit

  • One grows along the road west of Outside the Southern Gate of Amador. A bit dangerous that way though. Follow s, w, s, 3w from the Southern Gate of Amador.
Crier Quests

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