Amador city map (outdated)

Amador is the capital city of the nation of Amadicia and is a traditionally popular spot both for new and old players due to its strategic location. The city comprises three zones: Amador (zone), Serenda Palace, and the Fortress of Light. The Fortress of Light is also home to the clan bases of the Children of the Light and Hand of the Light.


Entrances and ExitsEdit

  • North Gate - Toward farms, Logger, and mountain tunnel west to a Stedding; generally safe for lowbies.
  • South Gate - Toward southern roads; aggro mobs often surprise new players here.
  • East Gate - Toward swamps and roads east; not very newbie friendly.


Three Coach routes connect Amador to farther areas. To the North, a coach located 2n1e of the North gate connects to Emond's Field. To the East, a coach located (?) of the East gate connects to Illian, while to the South a coach located (?) of the South gate connects to Tanchico.



Banking services are located 1n1w of Amador Central Square (ACS).


A high-level Inn, The Oak and Thorn, is located 2s1e1u of ACS.


Stabling can be found 3s2w1s of ACS.

Practice MobsEdit

Master BlacksmithEdit

The Master Blacksmith of Amador is located 5s1w of ACS for players who wish to Hone and Harden their weapons.


The Clubs Guild is located ?



Crier QuestsEdit

Main article: Amador Crier Quests

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Amador town crier located in ACS.

Adventurer QuestsEdit

Main article: Amador Adventurer Quests

Adventurer quests may be started by speaking to a grizzled old adventurer located 4s 2e of ACS.

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