Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Horse
Gender Female
Level 8
Hit points Unknown edit
MVs 50
Regen 16
Height 65 in
Weight >274<300 lbs
Aggro Unknown edit
Track Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

A white-maned pony is a horse found on the island of Tremalking.


A sturdy white-maned pony tosses its head here.

Tossing its head wildly, its white manes flying, this pony eyes the world
with almond shaped brown eyes. Not very tall at the shoulder, it is used by
the Amayar to haul loads and for riding. The pony's flanks are covered by
large, oddly shaped white and black spots. High spirited it stamps a small
rounded hoof and snorts loudly.

Keywords: female, horse, pony



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Central Tremalking Samarin Stables 1
Southwest Tremalking A Large Barn 2
Valan Luca's Menagerie Pony Ride 4


No shops are known to currently load this item.

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