Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Undead
Gender Male
Level 10
Hit points Unknown edit
Height Unknown edit
Weight Unknown edit
Aggro Humans, ?
Track Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

A skeletal horse is an undead mob found on the island of Jafar.


A skeleton of a horse gallops silently into the night.

Surrounded by a dull, gray aura, this skeletal beast is completely without
flesh. Fiery red eyes, set within its massive skull, blaze at you menacingly.
No sound can be heard as the creature gallops, as if its hooves don't even
touch the ground.

Keywords: horse, skeletal, skeleton


Zone Room Qty. Notes
The Sunken Castle 2


  • These mobs could formerly be ridden for short periods of time like regular horses, before their aggro kicked in.

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