Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Horse
Gender Female
Level 6
Hit points Unknown edit
MVs 50
Regen 12
Height <56 in
Weight >574<600 lbs
Aggro Unknown edit
Track Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

A dun mare is a horse found in various locations around the world.


A dun mare is here, snorting angrily.

The horse is a dun mare, with a shiny coat and prancing step. There
are scars on her flanks, and she looks feisty and of a vile temper.

Keywords: dun, female, horse, mare



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Caemlyn Road East of Whitebridge Barn 5?
Fal Dara Town Stables 2
Illian Peninsula Corral
Tear Road Wanders 1 Ridden by a well-traveled merchant


No shops are known to currently load this item.

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