Mob Statistics
Release date September 30 2016 (Update)
Type Unknown edit
Gender Male
Level Unknown edit
Hit points Unknown edit
Height Unknown edit
Weight Unknown edit
Aggro Unknown edit
Track Unknown edit
Special Smob

A disgraced Arafellin officer is a humanoid? smob loading west of Fal Dara near the Fal Dara Fade patrol.


A tall, pale skinned man issues orders here.

Pale skinned with dark eyes, this man has an air of command about him.
However, his clothes are worn and the markings of an officer he wears have
a tattered look about him. He obviously has not been keeping in line with
military discipline. His dark hair has been divided into a multitude of
braids, each with a bell attached to the end, marking him as an Arafellin.

Keywords: smob, ?


No zones are known to currently load this mob.


The smob is accompanied by 5 Shienaran deserters who will assist but do not rescue.


Item Slot Rarity
a full metal helmet and visor Head 3/8
a metal helmet Head 5/8
a burnished metal breastplate Chest 5/8
a shining steel breastplate Chest 3/8
a pair of ebony-steel plate vambraces Arms 2/8
a pair of oiled chainmail sleeves Arms 6/8
a pair of heavy metal gauntlets Hands 1/8
a pair of steel-backed gauntlets Hands 7/8
a bronze headed war axe Wielded 2/8
a dark, grim axe Wielded 1/8
a double axe with a long black haft Wielded 1/8
a finely crafted axe Wielded 3/8
an enormous double-bladed battleaxe Wielded 1/8
a brightly-colored sash Waist 5/8
a plain weapons belt Waist 3/8
a soft leather pouch Belt 8/8
a gold crown (20) Inside a soft leather pouch 8/8
a copper penny (9) Inside a soft leather pouch 8/8
a tinful of a black, foul liquid Inside a soft leather pouch 1/8
a pair of ebony-steel plate greaves Legs 1/8
a set of oiled chainmail leggings Legs 7/8
a pair of thick metal boots Feet 3/8
a pair of thin metal boots Feet 5/8

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