Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Horse
Gender Male
Level 9
Hit points Unknown edit
MVs 50
Regen 18
Height <56 in
Weight >549<575 lbs
Aggro Unknown edit
Track Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

A black stallion is a horse found in various locations around the world.


A black stallion prances about.

A young, powerful horse, sixteen hands at the shoulders. It seems calm and
reliable, and seems able to bear a rider well both on a journey and in a

Keywords: black, horse, male, stallion



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Caemlyn Road West of Whitebridge Wanders 1 Ridden by a horse thief
South of Whitebridge A Forest Clearing 1
Tar Valon Road North of Caemlyn Wanders 1 Ridden by a horse thief
Tear Road The Eastern Foot of the Erinin Bridge
The Western Foot of the Erinin Bridge
Ridden by arrogant bridgeguards
Ridden by arrogant bridgeguards
The Hills of Kintara Wanders 1 Ridden by a horse thief
Whitebridge Wanders 1 Ridden by a horse thief


Shop Location Cost
Equestrian Shop Fal Dara 413 coppers
Equine Emporium Tar Valon 503 coppers

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